recipe-for-gluttony-supperclub-bristol-portuguese-foodWe are two greedy sisters who love everything about food. Here you will find recipes, ideas, inspiration and reviews. We cook a lot & try different ideas and flavour combinations & recipes from all over the world.

This blog is our way of keeping in touch & sharing our daily culinary adventures, like a recipe for a delicious chickpea curry, tips on making the fluffiest american pancakes or trying to be gluten free. We cook a range of different foods and cuisines to keep things interesting.recipe-for-gluttony-supperclub-bristol-portugal

We love trying out new techniques and recipes & are always excited to hear of new things and meet new people, so please send us your suggestions and we’ll keep sharing ours!

We have lived in different countries for 7 years now and wanted to find new ways to stay connected in addition to the usual calls and emails. So we use our shared love of cooking and exploring food.

We did not grow up in a food orientated house, but separately have come to love eating, cooking and discovering new flavours. This blog will probably be quite random as we both love to discover new foods and don’t tend to focus on one style of cooking. While freshness and seasonality are things we value, we have no strict rules and if we fancy it, we will make it.

Sally is a freelance writer and chef. After 5 years in South America she has been spending time in England & Southern India. Currently working part time in Sheffield at Regather Co-operative exploring low carbon foods, managing the kitchen & organising events. She also regularly volunteers at The Real Junk Food Project which is working to reduce food waste. Also head chef (chief bossy boots) of our new supperclub – The Gluttons Club. Sally likes to cook with spices, seafood & beautiful seasonal vegetables.

Becky is a marketing consultant with Shipshape Marketing and is also the owner of creative homewares boutique Pretty Dandy. When she’s not busy with cushions and vintage treasures there’s nothing she loves more than getting in the kitchen. She lived in Barcelona until recently when she moved to Bristol. She enjoys trips to the market, local delicacies and cooking with all the fabulous fresh produce she can get her hands on or grow. Becky has a discerning palate… that’s a nice way of saying she’s picky! Her food is often vegetarian/ vegan, despite being a meat eater herself. She is a sucker for a colourful dish and anything baked.